For every office space, whether it is a traditional office or a coworking space, meeting rooms are an integral part of it, it takes almost a quarter of your workspace design. A research study showed that several teams from the various sectors spend their most of working hours in a meeting room for brainstorming and ideating. Meeting rooms are a scheduled part of any office space where most of the action and implementation of it takes place.

Meeting rooms in a coworking space is popular because of its tech-enabled environment and innovative design which propel in productivity and innovation in work. Even though the meeting room is a prominent element for a coworking space, it is ignored by most of us. 

Those days are gone when meeting rooms were used to being dingy and dull that did not give you good vibes and did not make you feel energetic. Everyone prefers that vibrant looking kind of meeting rooms which have an optimistic impact on the employees’ mood and keep them motivated to attain their goals as per their to-do list. 

There are many points that help in designing and shaping a boring meeting room into a room full of positivity. And these points are the deciding factor of your coworking space success and failure. So here are some points for meeting rooms which help to make a first impression.

Designing Tips for Meeting Rooms

Design & Aesthetics

Nowadays everyone prefers well designed and aesthetic meeting rooms with ample seating arrangements with proper lighting. Comfortable furniture and ventilated meeting rooms can make a big difference.

Our Feature: Worknomic building i.e VATA has a dedicated outdoor air system to clean the outdoor air by removing particulate matter and other pollutants. This will create a microclimate within the livable space with having minimal carbon footprints that ensure a fresh and healthy indoor environment. 

Chalk out your Audience

Before jumping directly to the designing of the meeting room, it is essential to understand the preference, likes of your target audience. You should opt for an idea that fits all because nowadays, it has become imperative to understand what kind of experience new age professionals are looking for and appreciate.

For instance, an RJ would love a soundproof meeting room and on the other hand, a marketing team will prefer a collaborative meeting room. Different audiences and different demands so while designing the meeting room keep the preference of your customers in mind.

Our Feature: At Worknomic, we keep the targeted audience profession, team member count, and preferences in mind before designing the meeting rooms. 

Technology and Connectivity

Technology and connectivity are the key points of a meeting room that can either make or break the deal. A tech-enabled meeting room is the most demanding thing that aids in boosting productivity and escalating employee engagement. A meeting room should have primary amenities like high-speed wifi, display systems, projectors, and concierge services that aid the overall experience of the employees.

Coworking spaces should focus to make the easy way of booking the meeting rooms. The most common problem clients confront that the app does not show the booking or multiple bookings. An efficient app should simplify the process of booking meeting rooms.

Our Feature: At Worknomic, Meeting rooms are equipped with the help of IoT to maximize the energy efficiency, and the Worknomic app makes it easy to book time for the meeting room in an efficient manner. 

Focus on the Walls

The wall of the meeting room determines the vibe of the space as it has a serene and positive impact on the mood of everyone. The walls that have vibrant designs have a pacifying effect and propels in the high-stress work environment. A graceful wall can give positivity and a sense of purpose to others.

Our Feature: At Worknomic, we have used exposed designs and vibrant wallpapers that ensure the positivity of the space. 

Sound Proof

Meeting rooms easily become noisy when a bunch of people will talk and large meeting rooms will become vulnerable due to echos and noisy vibrations. To make sure everyone can listen properly you should make your meeting room soundproof. So, when some meetings are held in the conference room the soundproof prevents the noise and does not disturb the people outside the room. 

Our Feature: At worknomic, every meeting room is soundproof so the outside coworkers or individuals will not get disturbed. 


These are the basic points that should be taken into consideration before designing the meeting room because meeting rooms are the space where most of the productive interactions happen. So it is imperative for the meeting rooms that it should have a positive impact when the meeting is conducted. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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