Over the last decade, office working culture has changed drastically which has in return had a huge impact on the way that offices are facing.

Cubicle offices have become a past thing. Now people are preferring coworking spaces, which allow them to personalize their surroundings and arrange their area as per their requirement to maximize productivity.

Here on this blog, we’ll look at the difference between the flexible and dedicated desk and try to solve your problem which one you should prefer or right for your business.

What is Flexible and Dedicated Desk?

Flexible Desk- This kind of desk is a kind of recent revolution. Your employees and staff have a choice to seat anywhere they want in the office in order to get their work done in the given timeline.

Dedicated Desk- this kind of desk is ultimately opposite of the flexible desk or may call it a traditional office working culture layout where every employee has a fixed seat that allows you to make your own private storage.

Which is Right for Your Business?

At Worknomic, we provide both flexible or dedicated space for our coworkers. But every business may not get benefited from just one or other. 

So here we are going to distinguish both desks on some parameters that help you to decide which desk is suitable for you. 


Flexible Desk

Dedicated Desk

A business opting flexible desks needs to pay less either your team is going to expand or loses someone you need to pay only for your decided desks. For the Dedicated desk, you need to pay higher because if your team loses any person, you’ll have to pay for the empty desk. 


Flexible Desk

Dedicated Desk

A flexible desk gives you the chance to grow your network. Due to its flexibility, it gives you a chance to connect with more creative minds and learn new things on a daily basis.  Dedicated desks also encourage your productivity as you may not face any kind of distraction on your seat.


Flexible Desk

Dedicated Desk

Flexible desks are suitable which encourages you and your staff to come and sit as you per their mood. As the nature of the dedicated desks, they offer no flexibility in terms of who sits where. 


Flexible Desk

Dedicated Desk

Flexible desks encourage the employees to sit every day with new & different persons to collab with new persons, share your ideas and get lessons from experienced coworkers.  For dedicated desks, you need to sit next to the same person on a daily basis until the office reshuffle your sitting arrangement.


Flexible Desk

Dedicated Desk

this seat is on the formula of “first come, first serve”. So, flexible desks don’t provide stability because of the changing nature of the desk. On stability purposes, no doubt dedicated desks are the best and suitable without any distraction and loss of productivity.


If you are still unable to decide which one is suitable for you. Contact the Worknomic team, our team will love to help you in evaluating the best arrangement as per your requirement.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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