Fundamental Community Guidelines for Coworking Spaces-byworknomic

In a coworking space, Community is the secret flavoring, without it, it’s just a room with WiFi. 

As you prepare to breathe this fundamental aspect into your business, hold the following guidelines to get commenced:

Identify Core Values

It is very important to identify the core values of your business whether it is coworking space or any other business.

So think how do you identify your core values when someone asked what is important to your space? Or what makes your business special.

It is very important to have core values of your business that will make your business not only different from others but also helps to grow your trustworthy and potential user

Share your Vision and Mission

Just hanging the banner of your space with your mission and vision is not enough.

To cultivate a community, it is very important to describe your vision and mission of your space to your members as they play a key role in accomplishing the next goal.

it’s essential your members should be clear on what makes your space different so that they will be your grassroots marketing. 

If you build a clear concept, they’re going to support you to establish organic extension just through word of mouth.

Listen Feedbacks

Every business loves to collect feedback from its customers, users or members. 

And it is very important to understand what your customers want or missing. From there, it’s indeed more necessary to perform some of the feedback show changes in the place so that you can develop faith with your members.

Empower your Members

Just giving the space to your members is not enough. In fact, it doesn’t make you unique and profitable for your users. To empower your members is also important.

Like performing some important seminars, workshops, and get-together will empower your members in many ways.


These are the essential guidelines that will help your business and community members in a coworking space.

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