We all had confronted our firsts experience either it is the first day of the new school, the first day of college, the first date, or the first day of the job, we all remembered our firsts. We all had different experiences about our firsts and I must say we all had experienced butterflies in the stomach at that particular time. But all things mentioned above could be quite different experiences for the introverts, sometimes our firsts turn into a daunting event of our life but it does not mean it will remain the same till last. 

Our working culture is tremendously changing nowadays. Many startups, businesses, and even big companies are moving towards the coworking space. For extroverts, it is quite easy to survive and thrive in a coworking space but for the introverts it probably harder. Apart from the stress at the job, introverts have to hassle with other social elements that normally occur in an office space. If introverts use some tips while working in a coworking space, they can easily thrive, survive, and takes the chance to connect with the people from several domains. So, here are some tips that will help introverts to thrive in a coworking space

Tips for Introverts Thrive in a Coworking Space

Be ready for Something New

Yes, whether you want it or not but it does not mean all the time especially for the introverts. The coworking space you work is where you need to take some social break after spending hours on work. You can enjoy some fun time while making efforts to have conversations with at least two people. The best thing about this is introverts will really enjoy at a deeper level with someone.

Networking Opportunity

It is always good to connect with new minds and a couple of peoples from different fields. But it is not easy for the introverts, but there are ways through which introverts can take the benefit of networks like take the advantage of events, seminars, workshops, social events, and etc. instead of burying yourself into the work, enjoy your weekends with the coworkers.

Attend Events

Coworking spaces frequently host seminars, workshops, events to provide the coworking community some fun, social outings, and expert advice. Hosting consistent quality events can escalate a coworking space to the next level. These events are the best opportunity for the introverts to break the ice with the other people either over a drink or a coffee. In the starting, it might seem like it is not worthy, but you never know when a conversation can spark a fruitful relationship and new idea.

Reach out to the community Managers

Introverts find it quite difficult when they could not find ways to get more involved and do not know whom they can talk to. So here they can reach out to the community managers ask them about who you might have similar business and interest so you can easily break the ice. The coworking community managers have fairly enough ideas about who you can connect with easily.


A coworking space can prove to be the bane for introverts and you can not let it be. Worknomic coworking space has a space called thinking pods where you can spend some me and peaceful time and this space helps you to boost your mind power by giving some relaxation. If you are experiencing some downtimes and busy periods, you can plan your break accordingly and can easily optimize your coworking experience. 


If you do not want to be a social butterfly in your office space, that’s okay no problem because the older we get, the more “me-time” we appreciate. But it is okay to break your shell once in a while and know what is going on in the world this will definitely not harm you. The above tips will help you to become more social and engaging without being disturb and distracted while working and spending me-time. The coworking space will help you to grow and offer you an edge where you can create a strong impression. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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