Coworking spaces give people an opportunity to step out from the typical traditional office spaces and coffee shops to a better working atmosphere.

This working atmosphere brought people from several industries under a roof in a dedicated workspace.

Today coworking space is not just an office space it is more than that. Coworking spaces render an evolving working atmosphere.

Coworking grants chances for collaboration, synergy, and a host of merits.

SMEs and Freelancers have a high requirement for coworking space, and by 2020, approx 10.3 million seats will be procured by over 6 million users will be from various enterprises. 

We will also see the progression in the way technology works and the nature of work as we continue to adopt the new atmosphere of working,

In the future, the trends will be more people-centric, and their needs would be the preference.

Here are some points that will emerge in 2020 for the coworking space

Expansion of Coworking Space

According to a study, coworking space is getting bigger each year and serving more members. 

This coworking trend is not new, the study revealed that the average hold increased to 1.2 members per desk.

It indicates that coworking spaces are striving to give more people into the same amount of space, with a 25% growth in private offices starting to take over event spaces or common areas.

Coworking spaces are squeezing out more profit from the existing desks open while trying to listen to what the consumers want.

IoT Enhance Workspace Management

Using IoT integrating devices with the help of other technologies can help offices transform into much more interactive and productive spaces. 

The addition of IoT devices would help the workforce to enjoy flexible working time and the technology would help them work more efficiently. 

In 2020, energy conservation and optimal utilization of resources will be in focus through IoT-connected appliances. 

For example, the LED lights in a meeting room will turn off as soon as it’s unoccupied.

Focus on Quality than Quantity

The coworking space industry focuses on the quality of members than the quantity.

Some coworking spaces that focus on modification, are put its members to a vetting process before giving them membership. 

Through this process, the coworking space understands that the member is suitable fits in their space atmosphere.

And this process helps to retain their members for long.


No one does business without profit because profit is an imperative part of any business. 

While focusing on market opportunities, generating profit is equally important for companies.

The basic aim of the coworking space providers is to reinforce their business and become profitable to attract more customers.

Many coworking spaces provide maintain a pricing strategy and churn rate to become productive.

Worknomic coworking space is an emerging and unmatched choice as we provide an incredible working experience.

With seamless working experience and technology assimilation and corporate grooming sessions to assure that the workforce is reserved and restored.

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