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There is a tremendous rise in startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who prefer beautiful and affordable co-working spaces.

There are a few causes that make the coworking space or shared space the best choice for this gig market.

Coworking spaces give a fully furnished working space that you can hire without contracting a commercial lease.

Today, the modernized coworking team is witnessing a huge inclination in coworking spaces, very pleasant with new ones sprouting in different sectors of the world.

The advanced articles advise that we could spread out to more than one million workers in coworking spaces by 2022. There is a two-fold call to it, the affordability and the like-minded fellowship. 

However, any suitable alternative should be weighed very accurately and one should recognize the pros and cons of any new idea.


  1. Dedicated desks give you more privacy
  2. You can leave your work tools at your dedicated desk.
  3. You can personalize your own space.
  4. You are able to bring your own chair.
  5. Your dedicated space may include a phone line
  6. You have a reserved space in an area you like to work in.
  7. You are still part of the coworking community.
  8. You can attend networking events.


  1. Dedicated desks are generally away from the common space and collaborative space.
  2. You have the same view and surrounding every day.
  3. A dedicated desk is more expensive than a flexible one.
  4. You’ll work next to the same people every day rather than making the new one.

Would you like to add any pros and cons to this list? Comment your own experience of dedicated desks.

Till then for more updates stay connected and keep reading.


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