By 2020 with 5 million members, the shared workspace industry is anticipated to expand to 30 thousand coworking spaces.

One of the significant factors behind this exceptional progress is the evolution of corporations into shared spaces though that move may take some time. 

So over the next couple of years growth will be driven by coworking’s startups, independent workers, and traditional customers.

Here are 6 reasons why corporations are opting for shared or coworking workspaces.

Eliminate Idle Space

With a traditional office, the corporation may end up paying for superfluous space that sits vacant except for the influx of employees or occasional meetings.

In a shared workspace, corporations have access to utilize conference and meeting rooms when needed. 

As their company and team, they can customize membership plans to fit the actual space needs.

Reduce Overhead

Corporations can diminish overhead costs by jumping into shared workspaces rather than letting their own workspace buildings. 

The printers, desks, event space, meeting rooms, and other business facilities are offered by the workspace and there’s usually a community manager who can greet guests and clients to space. 

The coffee is also provided, the washroom supplies are added in membership and maintenance is taken care of by the shared workspace staff.

In-house Contractors

The professional networks that already exist in coworking workspaces allow an in-house contractor pool to work with as needed because shared workspaces are the package of independent professionals and freelancers.

As more corporations hire contract workers as opposed to full-time employees, they need a pool of talent to choose from. 


Most coworking workspaces cater to the monthly membership plans. As teams shrink and grow, companies can change their membership scheme to suit current requirements.

This gives corporations adaptability not to stuck with the traditional three- to five-year leases offices. 


The possibilities for innovation and collaboration in a shared or coworking workspace are unlimited and corporations understand the value of these serendipitous confrontations.


These are the reasons that tend the corporations to jump into the shared workspace and enjoy the versatile industry of coworking space.

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