Renting an office, when you don’t know about what revenue will company grow in the 6 months later, will a herculean task.

Your office shouldn’t be expensive or lock you into a lease that you can’t get out of it. 

At the same time, there should be room for you to grow and expand as your team grows. 

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before taking that step and renting an office space.


It is important to select the best location not just for your clients, but your employees as well.

You need to take into consideration the distance your employees are able and willing to travel to get to work.

Ensure the office is accessible by car or public transport at low costs. 

Although premises in city suburbs are generally cheaper, it may be less accessible to your clients. 

Your office location may affect your business’s reputation associated with a particular area that will shape the way some clients view your business.


The most essential factor in most businesses is Price or cost when they’re picking a new office. 

If you spend less, you’ll either end up with an office you’re not satisfied with, or you may find yourself moving out after a few months. 

Pay too much, and you might cope up to pay the rent or have to move again to downsize. Neither of those synopses is exemplary.


This is a more significant characteristic for some businesses than others. 

Nowadays, there aren’t many businesses that can operate efficiently without a stable internet connection. 

Some offices especially managed or serviced offices, usually include internet access as part of their rent. 

If you’re renting someplace privately though, you’ll require to factor in the cost of getting a line connected and the monthly payments for access.

And the Worknomic coworking space provides the ultra-high-speed wireless internet. Infrastructure doesn’t just mean the internet, either. many other things like furniture, the aura of the space, and etc.

In short, how the coworking space represents itself also matters the most.


This is the basic requirement that every business or individual will look in a coworking office.

To pay high for a small place without many amenities is not worthy. Before renting a coworking space make sure there is all the basic and your personally required amenities should be there. 

Rooms for Growth

Although you may be looking for a space that’s just about large enough for you and your employees, you may want to have extra space for expansion.

Worknomic has the thinking pods that will help you to boost your productivity. 


While the needs of every business and entrepreneurs are different the above factors act as a checklist to follow when looking to rent office space.

Remember, office space isn’t just an investment of your time and money. In fact, it will go on to define your company, its products, and employees.

So, make sure you choose an office space that not only optimizes your budget but represents your company, products and of course people!

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