Even though the graph of COVID-19 cases is still rising, the government says essential services government and private bodies can reopen their workstation with a 30% workforce. Many businesses or organizations are started summoning to bring their staff back to the office. 

But before that, the organizations and businesses need to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. The nation lockdown hasn’t been easy for us and after this, it is imperative to make your employees welcome and settled at their place.

Hence, small businesses need to take some preventive measures to make their workforce motivated, safe, and enthusiastic at their office like before. So, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the tips businesses or organizations need to take when getting back to work after the lockdown.

Set the Workplace

After the lockdown ends, your workforce will love to work at a place where have the safety measures to protect their employees and company. Every company and business has some emergency plan for the future for this COVID-19 pandemic and if your company has no emergency plan yet, this is the time when you have to make an emergency plan for the future. 

Schedule Duties 

The impact or the afraid for the COVID-19 is still there for a while. It means businesses and organizations can’t call their whole staff to their office. As per the government rule, only 30% of staff can come to the offices while maintaining the precautions but in big companies, it is not possible to maintain social distancing, so they need to schedule the duties of their staff.

Sanitize the Workspace

As we are not completely relaxed from the COVID-19 yet, so it is our responsibility to the preventive measures for ourselves also the company and business administrations need to take care of the workspace sanitization from time to time. 

Maintain Social Distancing

It is one of the preventive measures. If you want to ensure your workforce remains fruitful and enthusiastic as like before, you need to maintain the social distancing. The lockdown may end but the pandemic is still there so it is necessary to take the precautions to keep your employees safe and secure from the virus. So keep the social distance of at least 6 feet and also avoid the mass gathering at your office premises. 


The above-mentioned points are the quick and foremost points that every business should focus on in their workplace after the lockdown for safety measures. It is imperative to make your workforce assured so they feel safe and secure. Your work productivity will be fruitful when your workforce feels safe and secure. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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