From human evolution, humans are directly connected and dependent on nature, in fact, nature also restores itself with the help of humans in many ways. But the bump expansion of urbanization has shown many adverse effects on our nature and this limits our interaction with it. 

In today’s era, humans spend most of their time whether commuting or working and due to this we are losing our connection with nature. Many big enterprises have the potential to transform or create their own eco-friendly office premises but small businesses or startups have not enough budget to make any changes in their office area.

To keep this point in mind, worknomic, best coworking space in Noida has taken the initiative to build eco-friendly office space for you out there. Because we believe that nature is the only antidote to chaos. 

So here are some points that will clear why coworking space needs to connect with nature

Mentally Wellbeing

A study shows that many employees in the world spend 90% of their time in work in their cubicles and it increases the stress level in them and it directly affects their health and mental wellbeing. 

For this, it is necessary to build a surrounding that gives you mental peace that helps to decline the stress level. In a study, it is shown that closeness to nature helps in boosting a positive perspective by diminishing hypertension and stress.

Boost Productivity 

In a study, it is shown that workers who work in greenery and natural light have experienced a 15% boost in productivity within 3 months as compared to those who work in the cubicles. Therefore, at Worknomic, we have open workspace areas that give you an area where employees can relax and think in a more creative way.

Surrounded by Positive Vibes

Doing your work in natural light in the office, not only saves the electricity bill but also brightens up the overall mood by giving positive vibes. This helps people to stay mentally motivated and physically active.


Worknomic is an eco-friendly coworking space in Noida. The main objective of designing eco-friendly space full of sunlight, vibrant colors so it provides a positive environment that not only boosts your productivity and efficiency but also helps to complete your work without any stress.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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